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NABL Accredited Laboratory for Electro Technical Calibration

The Meter Testing and Standards Laboratory consists of the following Laboratories

. Calibration Laboratory
. Electrical Testing Laboratory
. High Voltage Testing Laboratory
. Acoustic Laboratory
. Photometry Laboratory

Calibration of Calibrators
Calibration of Energy Meter
Calibration of Ammeter - AC & DC
Calibration of Volt meter - AC & DC
Calibration of Watt meter
Calibration of Frequency meter
Calibration of Power factor meter
Calibration of Earth tester
Calibration of Insulation Tester
Calibration of Phase sequence indicator
Calibration of Multimeter
Calibration of Harmonic Analyser
Transformer Oil Testing
H.V .Test of wires , cables , conduits, insulators 
Testing of current transformer
Testing of potential transformer
Testing of CT/PT units
Testing of power and distribution Transformers
All pre commissioning tests for Transformer ,
Generator Testing of relays using primary and secondary injection
Testing of Isolators,Switches, MCB,MCCB etc.
Measurement of sound level
Measurement of luminous intensity
Measurement of Harmonics upto 50 th Hormonics with data logging Facility

A mobile testing Unit is also available in the Meter Testing and standards Laboratory.